Ali Diallo is an American entrepreneur, author, futurist and venture builder that is focused on global innovation, frontier markets, venture capital, thought leadership and disruptive technologies in the mobile, digital media and ad tech sectors. He leads the business startup operations of AdVoice, a Dubai-based Telecom ad network doing business in India and Africa. He is a founding partner at United+, a Silicon Valley-based venture network of thought leaders, investment bankers and technologists. United+ contributes to the advancement of the venture studio model and to the creation of investment initiatives that support entrepreneurship in frontier markets.

Diallo’s work helped define the Venture Builder and Startup Studio models and he has been featured on Yahoo News, San Francisco’s VentureBeat, Dubai’s Khaleej Times, International Business Times, Virtual Strategy and Disrupt Africa.

In 2014 he founded Media Investment Tech Ventures (MIT Ventures), a venture-building group that incubated and launched transformative companies using a proprietary venture model. Through MIT Ventures, he co-founded multiple companies operating in the Internet, mobile money, ad tech, digital, cloud enterprise, publishing and real estate investment sectors.

Diallo’s former roles include Advertising Operations Manager at Gannett, the largest US media company and owner of USA Today; Head of AdWave, a startup focused on digital monetization; and VP of Operations of Quake Marketing, a leading marketing and ad technology company with offices in Manhattan and Las Vegas.


In the past ten years, Diallo has founded a global publishing group that promotes human rights and cultural diversity, an American record label and an international seed fund that focuses on media and consumer Internet in emerging markets. In 2014, he co-founded Mobility Technologies, a global technology company focused on remittance, mobile money and mobile advertising, and Galaxy Mobile, a smartphone distribution service company.

He led Mobility Technology’s multi-million dollar fundraising effort which helped secure an investment guarantee note from Senegal’s Priority Investment Fund. Both Mobility Technology and Galaxy Mobile received seed funding and were acquired the same year by a Canadian consortium that is active in the corporate finance and technology sectors, as part of a venture-building program he helped launched in emerging markets.

Current Focus

Following the acquisition of Mobility Technologies and Galaxy Mobile, Diallo joined Channel VAS, a global venture-building organization focused on mobile technology with a presence in 19 countries. He is now part of the starting team of AdVoice, Channel VAS’ newest company which introduces a patent-pending mobile advertising and programmatic technology.

AdVoice participated in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and was featured on CNN in August 2015 during Channel VAS’ Group CEO’s interview with British journalist Isha Sesay.

Investment Initiatives

As an advocate of disruptive solutions, Diallo launched United+, an investment initiative that aims to create a new framework for startups, angel investors and Venture Capitalists; Quantum X, which explores Silicon Valley-based innovations to build unconventional models for startups, and an international initiative that aims at bringing a new leadership vision to emerging markets using disruptive technology, modern politics and innovative management concepts from American entrepreneurs.

Research & Inventions

Diallo’s inventions, research journals and articles span various industries from technology, engineering and business management to modern science, wellness, arts and poetry. His contributions include a marketing analytics calculator, a Boolean forecasting method, a mobile search communication protocol, a venture deployment model, a management process, a business intelligence platform, a mobile remittance solution for the unbanked, an ergonomic back massager concept and a system that enables mobile users to build wealth through their mobile connections. In 2013, he invented a new publishing business model that was successfully deployed in Senegal.


Diallo has written books on management theory, humor, new-age poetry and quantum physics and has conducted research on the works of Socrates, Da Vinci, Einstein and Rumi. He is the author of the upcoming book The Blueprint: A Framework for Venture Builders, and the author of the critically-acclaimed essays How Venture Builders Are Changing the Startup Model and Democratizing The Publishing Industry: Introducing A New Business Model for Authors and Publishers.

Academics and Leisure

Diallo is a graduate of Montgomery College and the University of Maryland where he studied a wide range of academic fields including Business, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Quantum Physics, Information Management, Project Management, Visual Arts, Literature and Economics. He plays tennis, soccer and basket ball and is a former Karate student.